Documentary Productions

Holly has been on camera diver with Jean-Michel Cousteau since 1996, appearing in many TV and film productions. She also works as a field producer, logistics coordinator and science writer.

1998: “Sea Scopes: Whale Wishers”: Diver

2006: ‘Voyage to Kure’: Research and Diver

2006: ‘Sharks at Risk’: Research and Diver

2006: “Gray Whale Obstacle Course’: Research

2006: “America’s Underwater Treasures”: Research and Diver


2008: “Return to the Amazon”: Assistant Producer, Research and Diver
2009: “Sea Ghosts”: Research and Diver

2009: “Call of the Killer Whale”:  Field Producer, Research and Diver

2010: “My Father, the Captain”: Diver and Logistics

2010: “Gulf Oil Spill”: Field Producer and Research


2015: “Jean-Michel Cousteau’s Secret Ocean 3D” IMAX: Co-star and Research

2019: “Jean-Michel Cousteau’s Wonders of the Sea 3D”: Research and Diver